Sawing lumber:

Logs from 2ft to 5 ft in diameter

Our Lucas mill enables us the  advantage of sawing lumber and slabs from the same log. This allows furniture makers to create an entire piece from the same tree.

To do this, we saw the first and last third of the log with our circle blade, and slab the middle third to retain the widest possible slabs. This process also allows us to quarter saw a large portion of the lumber, with little waste. Lumber will be a  maximum of eight inches wide. We can air dry this wood for you at our facility, dry kilns will be added later this year.



Logs from 2ft to 5 ft in dia

Slabbing large logs is our specialty . We can cut up to 8inches thick, 5 feet wide. Most common thickness is 3inches thick which leave room to plane after drying. We can air dry this wood for you at our facility, dry kilns will be added later this year.

Below is a Walnut tree being milled into beautiful 3in. thick slabs.




Planing :

We use a planning attachment on our Lucas mill, and can plane up to 5 feet wide. This is not limited to slabs. Doors, table tops, counters, or about anything else can go under our planer. We can plane one surface for a finish, or both surfaces for a more uniform piece of wood.







Quartersawing wooden boards gives you grain patterns which are consistent. Not only does this greatly add to the stability, but highlights the medullary rays and wavy grain patterns. This lumber is used in musical instruments due to it’s stability, and it is also in wood flooring and furniture to create beautiful patterns.

We have the unique ability to quartersaw large logs with little waste because our saw cuts both vertically and horizontally, eliminating the need to “ quarter “ the log.




Mobile Sawmilling:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen we do go mobile with our mill, due to the size and weight, support equipment is sometimes needed to move slabs. Slabs that are 3 inches thick, 4ft wide, and 10 feet long are HEAVY!

If you don’t have equipment of your own; a good option for a big job away from our mill is to rent a bobcat from a rental center near you.

If you have several logs, or more than one days work, coming to you may be a good option. For just a log or two, we recommend bringing to logs to us. We can come pick up with a trailer, if you can load it. Hiring a roll back wrecker is an economical way of moving a few logs to our facility.

Large Logs: Cutting larger logs is done with the Lucas Mill (shown to the left).

Small Logs: Cutting smaller logs is done with the Wood-mizer.




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